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Safety Overload System
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Overloading breaks all the Health & Safety laws, leading to accidents and heavy fines. At the very least it can lead to costly repairs – not only the cost of repair itself but the time the equipment is out of use.   Problems occur when operations are not subject to close scrutiny. Tail lifts and Skip loaders depend on the knowledge and experience of the person operating the equipment, and currently there is no failsafe method to prevent overloading.
  • A tail lift that has a safe working load of 500kgs is capable of lifting in excess of 25% of that weight. This in turn will cause an operator to overload the system causing the system to overload or cause an accident and /or damage to the tail lift.
  • If a skip loader is found to be overloaded the operator and driver could both be prosecuted or cautioned. Legislation imposes fines of up to £5,000 for each offence. This can happen even if the operator is working within the SWL.
For example:Net Vehicle Weight of a skip loader is 10000kgs, and the Gross Vehicle Weight is 17000kgs, the vehicle will exceed the GVW if the skip is to contain 12000kgs which is the stated as the SWL. 

We have the solution to prevent overloading. 

Our over load system limiter can be fitted to all your Lifting equipment.
With our system the lifting equipment can not be loaded overweight as our method will not allow any load to be lifted unless it is on the maximum load limit or below.
Our System will stop the lifting equipment being used if it overloaded on a single lift operation by the approved SWL or GVW recommended by the manufacturer.Our system can be fitted to
  • Tail lifts
  • Skip loaders
  • Fork lifts
Our system does not alter manufacturer’s pressure settings, and doesn’t invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. Our system is tamperproof and is accurate to within a tolerance of +/- 5% of the limit. All other systems in the market have been proven to be expensive, or can only be fitted to a new vehicle.  No matter what the age of your vehicle our system can be fitted at a fraction of the cost to you

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